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21 golden rules for buying a mattress (2)

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How to choose the right bed frame


12. Row frame or flat bed frame


The life span of a mattress on the platoon frame is generally 8-10 years, while on a flat bed frame it can be as long as 10-15 years. The row frame is harder than the flat bed frame and can bring better support. The row frame is more suitable for the combination of modern and simple bed head and frame, while the flat bed frame is suitable for American and classical style beds.


13. Adjustable dragon skeleton


The adjustable dragon skeleton has the function of adjusting soft and hard in different areas and the function of segmental or automatic adjustment of body pressure, which can give the body the best support. People who like to read before going to bed or need to stay in bed for a long time should choose this bed frame, which can provide support according to different postures. The point adjustment can also adjust the curvature of the keel according to the body shape of each person, so as to ensure that the whole body is well supported.


14. It is best to change the bed frame at the same time when changing the mattress


A good bed frame (bottom cushion) is as important as a good mattress. It acts like a large shock absorber, withstanding a lot of friction and pressure, and it has a great effect on comfort and support. Don't put the new mattress on the old bed frame. Otherwise, it will accelerate the wear of the new mattress, and it will not bring better support. So please buy a bed frame when you buy a mattress. The two parts are designed to work together from the beginning.


Daily maintenance of the mattress


15. Do not fold the spring mattress


Generally speaking, two people should carry the mattress. Keep the mattress on the same level during transportation, which will facilitate transportation and reduce the possibility of damage. Excessive bending will damage the internal spring system. When passing through the door, the mattress can be bent slightly instead of over-folding. When laying the sheets, be careful not to bend the four corners of the mattress.


16. Keep it clean effectively


Get up in the morning and lift the sheets for a few hours to let the mattress breathe fully. Use a soft brush to gently sweep around the mattress to remove the floating soil. It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner, the dust inside the mattress generally cannot penetrate the surface cushion material and be sucked out. Using a mattress protector is a simple and effective method, and regular cleaning is the most hygienic.


17. Flip regularly


It is recommended to change the direction of the mattress regularly to maintain comfort. The mattress contains multiple inner pads to extend comfort and enhance support. For new mattresses, there are often human indentations, which indicates that the upper cushion layer is playing a comfortable role in matching the body shape. In order to reduce human indentation, please occasionally change the orientation of the mattress during the life of the mattress. For oversized spring mattresses, there is also a flip-free design. This innovation is very practical for families who are single and thin.


Ensure scientific sleep


18. What you can't do before going to bed


Never watch intense, nervous, or scary movies or TV shows, and do not drink coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages six hours before going to bed. Do not drink alcohol for three hours before going to bed. Drinking alcohol can cause awakening in the middle of the night, snoring or aggravate sleep apnea. Especially not excessive drinking, vomiting may cause death from suffocation.


19. Create a comfortable indoor environment


Choose thick curtains and don't let light through doors and windows. The best room temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. It is best to have a meeting with the windows before going to bed and close the windows when you go to bed. Ventilation will not only remove unhealthy substances from the bedroom, but also exhaust the carbon dioxide we exhale during sleep. These exhaust gases will directly affect the quality of your sleep. The moisture in the ventilated room is also adjusted, and the best bedroom humidity is between 40%-60%. Especially in winter, the moisture we breathe out at night cannot evaporate automatically, and the moisture will be absorbed by the mattress and produce mildew. It only takes a few minutes to open the windows for ventilation in winter.


20. What you should do before going to bed


Do some gentle decompression exercises, such as sitting quietly in a place, closing your eyes, and slowly contracting and then relaxing the muscles from your toes to your face. Inhale gently through your nose, then exhale slowly from your mouth. Lasts 10-20 minutes. Take a hot bath, which will promote blood flow from the brain to the surface of the skin, making you relaxed and drowsy. Stuffing a small bag of lavender in the pillow can relieve tension, relax nerves and promote sleep.


21. Adjust sleep time according to the season and your own needs


Everyone knows that people should sleep for 8 hours a day. How long you sleep is not important, what matters is its quality. Don't force yourself to reduce sleep, but pay attention to your body's reaction. The body is the best monitor. It will tell you how much sleep you need. It is advisable to go to bed late in spring and summer and get up early, 5-7 hours of sleep a day; in autumn, it is advisable to go to bed early and get up early, 7-8 hours of sleep a day; in winter, it is advisable to go to bed early and wake up late, requiring 8-9 hours of sleep a day.

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