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7 Zone Mattress

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The general mattress will be divided into areas with different degrees of softness and hardness. Generally, there are 7 zones, 5 zones, 3 zones, etc. If your body is not very well-balanced, you may wish to choose a 7-zone mattress. The so-called 7-zone mattress is designed to meet the curve requirements of the human body, and is carefully designed for the different stress conditions of the seven parts of the head, shoulders, back, waist, hips, thighs, and calves.

The human body has a natural curve, and the weight of each part varies greatly. Lying on a mattress with the same hardness and elasticity, some parts, such as the waist and neck, cannot be fully supported and cannot be relaxed during sleep. It is easy to cause cervical and lumbar pain. The biggest feature of the 7-zone mattress is that the mattress is divided into 7 different areas according to the different hardness and softness. The elasticity of each area is accurately calculated according to the weight of each part of the body. The hip position is the heaviest, so the elasticity is the largest and the softest, the waist and legs are second, the elasticity is higher and softer, and the head and feet are the lightest, using a harder material, so that every part of the body can get Get healthy and comfortable sleep with strong support.

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