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A complete guide to mattress maintenance and use!

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We sleep on the bed every day, but the mattress is the part that we really touch and use when we sleep, so many people have begun to realize the importance of buying a good mattress. But buying a good mattress does not mean getting it right once and for all. Inadequate maintenance or improper use will affect the life of the mattress and even affect your own health. So, many people have to ask, how to maintain and use this mattress is correct? Today, I will take everyone to take a look at the correct way to maintain the mattress.


Handling taboo

When transporting, remember to avoid excessive deformation of the mattress, so bending or folding the mattress on the transport truck is absolutely impossible. If the mattress has a handle, don't use the handle to carry it, because it is used to adjust the position.


Remove the plastic coating

When many people first use a bedding such as a mattress, they will naturally ignore a problem: the plastic packaging film on the surface is not removed. In fact, this is the wrong approach. Because removing the packing bag can ventilate the inside of the mattress, keep it dry and avoid moisture.


Use a cleaning pad or bed sheet

Since the color of the mattress is mostly light, after removing the packaging film and before using it, it is recommended to use a cleaning pad or a bed sheet to cover the mattress, so as to ensure long-term dryness and cleanliness.



Choose bed sheets

When buying bedding, you can consciously choose better quality sheets, because such sheets not only absorb perspiration, but also keep the cloth clean. When using, do not tighten the sheets and mattresses, so as not to block the air vents of the mattress and cause the air in the mattress to be unable to circulate and breed germs.


Periodically flip

In the first year, turn over once every two to three months. The sequence includes the front and back sides, left and right, up and down four sides, so that the springs of the mattress can be evenly stressed and prolong the service life.

After the second year, the frequency can be slightly reduced, and it can be reversed once every six months.


Keep Clean

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the surface of the mattress regularly, but do not wash it directly with water or detergent.


Avoid constant stress

Don't apply partial force and heavy pressure on the cushion surface to avoid local depression and deformation of the mattress and affect the use


Avoid exposure

Avoid long-term exposure to the mattress to prevent the fabric from fading.


Avoid scratches

Avoid using sharp-angle tools or knives to scratch the fabric.


Misunderstandings of mattress maintenance

Many people think that as long as the mattress is not broken, there is no need to replace it, but generally speaking, the effective life of a spring mattress is generally about 10 years. In other words, the mattress that has been used for ten years has undergone a long-term heavy pressure on the spring, causing its elasticity to change to a certain extent, resulting in a gap in the fit between the body and the bed at this time, so that the human spine cannot be the most effective. The support is in a bent state. Therefore, even if there is no partial damage, a new mattress should be replaced in time.

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