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A mattress with rave reviews must have these qualities

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For consumers, the comfort of a mattress is a subjective judgment, because everyone has different body types, weights, and sleeping habits. Some people prefer firmer support, while others prefer soft sleep.

However, from a higher dimension, although the subjective perception standards of consumers are different, there are often relatively consistent judgments on the materials, performance, craftsmanship and other standards of the products themselves, which are mainly reflected in six aspects: Support, fit, breathability, anti-interference, durability, environmental protection.

Those well-received mattresses are basically excellent in these six aspects. Next, we will take you to find out more about them!



If you often wake up and find that you have symptoms of low back pain, the first thing to consider is whether the mattress cannot conform to the body curve due to insufficient support. An excellent mattress must be able to generate different support strengths according to the physiological curve of the person, reduce the pressure on the shoulders and hips, and at the same time enable the sunken parts of the human body (such as the waist) to get enough support. .



A suitable mattress can keep the spine in a natural stretch. The soft cushion on the surface of the mattress will fully conform to the soft tissues of the body and fully fit with the shoulders, waist and hips, bringing a sense of wrapping and leaving no gaps. To test the fit of a mattress, you can do this:

Lie flat on the mattress, and stretch your hands to the neck, waist, and hips to the three obvious places between the thighs and the thighs. Try to see if there is a gap between the indented part of the body curve and the mattress. If there are none, it means the mattress fits well.



According to the "Life Times" report, the human body loses at least 0.5 to 1 liter of water during sleep every night, and it also emits a lot of harmful gases. Therefore, a very important role of the mattress is to breathable and moisture-proof, so as to avoid the breeding of bacteria and mites.

The air permeability of a mattress is mainly determined by its inner material, so when choosing a mattress, you can first understand the structure and main materials of the mattress. At present, the more breathable mattresses on the market include latex, 3D materials, and polymer materials. , TPE mesh material and so on.



Anti-interference means that the mattress will not vibrate or make noise when the mattress turns over or gets up at night, and will not affect the sleep of oneself or the other half. This is mainly determined by the spring. Like the old-fashioned one-piece spring mattress, as long as there is movement on one side, the entire mattress will move with it. The force does not affect the unstressed spring next to it, and the anti-interference is excellent.



For many Chinese, the most important thing in choosing a mattress is durability. It is best to sleep on a mattress for a lifetime~ Actually, this idea is wrong, because under normal circumstances, when you are in a constant temperature and humidity indoor state , The best service life of mattresses without any maintenance measures is 5-8 years. For hotel mattresses, the national standard mandates that they be replaced every 5 years. When the mattress is used for a long time, there will be internal aging and rust, which will affect the health of the body. Generally, when buying a spring mattress, it is preferred to choose an independent pocket spring or an independent round spring, which has a long service life and good elasticity.


Environmentally friendly

For mattresses that are closely related to our health, whether they are environmentally friendly or not depends on the quality of the materials. For example, the latex mattress depends on whether the internal latex is pure natural latex. If it is industrial synthetic latex, there may be the danger of excessive formaldehyde, and the environmental protection is naturally poor; the spring mattress depends on whether the material of the spring is easy to rust. It is a rust-prone material, which will also affect the environmental performance of the mattress. In addition to paying attention to the material of the inner filling, the fabric of the mattress is also an important factor in measuring environmental protection. It depends on whether the fabric can be in direct contact with human skin and whether the touch is smooth and delicate.

The above six properties are all the foundation that a good mattress needs to have. However, in the era of oversupply of "brand/taste consumption", if you want to create a super mattress or an Internet celebrity mattress, you must be the same in the same way. Some different "dry goods" from outside:

For example, fat people are afraid of heat, and thin people are afraid of cold, and the temperature requirements of the mattresses they use are also different; for example, in the humid climate in the south, special consideration should be given to the ventilation and moisture-removing properties of mattress materials; mattresses used by children, the It is necessary to consider strengthening the reverse osmosis function to avoid the occurrence of bed-wetting and other situations...

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