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Don't you know such basic common sense of mattress structure?

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With the continuous progress of material civilization and technology, the types of mattresses used by modern people are gradually becoming diversified. The main types are: spring mattresses, foam mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, and air beds. Mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc. Among these mattresses, spring mattresses account for a larger proportion.


In order to welcome work with a positive face, it is important to have a good work and rest. Sleep is the foundation of health, how can we have healthy sleep? In addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, having "hygienic, comfortable, beautiful, and durable" healthy bedding-mattresses are the key to high-quality sleep.


1. The softness and hardness of the mattress

Although most doctors recommend that patients with lower back pain switch to hard mattresses to improve their condition, according to a study by the German Association of Healthy Backs (AGR), a mattress with a moderate hardness is the best way to effectively improve lower back pain. Mattresses are too strong. Hardness is not conducive to the natural curvature of the spine, so it cannot improve lower back pain.


◆Mattresses that are too soft: Failure to provide strong support to the spine is harmful to health.

◆Mattress that is too hard: The spine part is suspended in the air, and the part below the waist is not fully supported.

◆Moderate soft and hard: Even support, make the spine in the best position, it is the most ideal mattress.


2. The core structure of mattress products

At present, there are many kinds of mattress inner core materials on the market. According to the survey, we found that springs are still the main material for mattress inner cores in the market. Springs and mattresses containing spring components are the mainstream products, accounting for the majority of the mattresses used by the respondents. Of 63.7%. The market share of palm mat products is still relatively small, accounting for only 21.8%, of which mountain palm mattresses are the mainstream of palm mats, accounting for 17.1, and coconut palm has a smaller share of 2.4%.


3. Spring mattresses can be roughly divided into

Connection type: All individual springs are connected in series with a spiral iron wire to form a "community of force". Although it is slightly elastic, the spring system is not fully ergonomically designed. When the pressure is pressed, the nearby springs will interfere with each other. The elasticity of the springs has poor durability and is prone to collapse. Long-term sleep and lying will have an impact on the spine.


Bag independent type: that is, each independent individual spring is pressed and then filled into the bag, and then connected and arranged. Its characteristic is that each spring body is operated individually, independently supported, and can be independently expanded and contracted. Therefore, when two objects are placed on the bed surface, one side rotates, and the other side will not be disturbed. However, individual independent springs tend to lose their elasticity gradually over a long period of time.


Linear upright type: It is formed by a continuous strand of stainless steel wire, formed from the beginning to the end. Its advantage is that it adopts a whole non-disruptive structure spring, which follows the natural curve of the human spine and supports it appropriately and evenly. In addition, this spring structure is not easy to produce elastic fatigue.


Linear integral type: It is formed by a continuous strand of stainless steel, from automation and precision machinery to mechanics and structure. According to the principle of ergonomics, the springs are arranged into a triangular structure, and the weight and pressure are supported in a pyramid shape. The force is distributed to the periphery to ensure that the elasticity of the spring is always as new. The advantage is that the mattress has moderate hardness and ergonomics. Benefit, can provide comfortable sleep and protect human spine health


4. The partition of the mattress

The mattress is divided into 7 areas through different processing and setting of springs, and the elasticity of each area is accurately calculated according to the weight of each part of the body. The buttocks are the heaviest, so they have the most elasticity and the softest, followed by the waist and legs, which are higher and softer, while the head and feet are made of harder materials with the least elasticity, so that every part of the body can be strong Support and get a healthy and comfortable sleep, which solves the problem of local pressure on the body, so that all parts of the human body with different weights can get the most scientific care, and the spine is always parallel to the bed.

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