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How does the elderly use sitting and bedding to maintain health

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Seats are mainly chairs and recliners. Many elderly people still maintain the habit of writing after retirement, and often have a few hours a day at their desks. I also like to read books and newspapers, which lasts an hour or two. However, many people's chairs are still of the office type, with only a backrest, no armrests, and no cushions. The shortcomings are obvious.


The bedding is first of all a quilt. There was an old cadre. One of his quilts had been used for more than ten years, and it became hard. His daughter persuaded him to replace it with a new one, but he refused. Later, the daughter threw away the old quilt without discussing it with him at all, and replaced it with a new one. Although he muttered in his heart, his thoughts changed as soon as he got under the covers. He slept very well that night: the quilt was soft, and no matter how he turned around, it was always close to all parts of his body, and the whole body was warm. The next day he told a friend: "In the past, sleeping was just a pure rest, but now I know that sleep should be arranged as a kind of enjoyment!" His words were just a health motto.


As the saying goes, "Sleep well is better than taking medicine." Use good sleep in exchange for health. You can live longer without taking medicine. Why not? The ancients said: "The most important thing to keep in good health is not to worry about sleep." This is the truth. There are also mattresses and pillows in the bedding, which should be arranged according to the needs of health preservation.

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