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Interfoam 2022 empowers the dual-cycle, high-quality and sustainable development of the foaming material industry

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As an important window for opening up to the outside world in the new era, Interfoam2022 Shanghai International Foaming Materials Technology Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Interfoam Foaming Materials Exhibition) will provide leading forward-looking information, technical exchanges, and market solutions in the field of foam materials. And investment opportunities. The Interfoam Foam Material Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) from March 8-10, 2022. It will showcase the new trends, new technologies, new research and development, and new applications of foam materials to a global audience.

As my country's economy enters a stage of high-quality development, China has become the world's largest foam material production and application market, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 20%. Foam materials have the properties of sound absorption and noise reduction, heat preservation and heat insulation, cushioning and shock absorption, filtering, electromagnetic shielding, etc. The application range of foam materials and technology has been extended to various fields of China's national economic development, and market demand has become increasingly specialized, diversified, Customized and high-end. Interfoam Foam Materials Exhibition has created a professional international exhibition platform integrating supply and demand, brand display, and academic exchanges for the upstream and downstream and vertical applications of the foam material industry, helping the domestic and international dual cycle, and empowering high-quality and sustainable development!

Exhibits: Provide innovative solutions for high-performance foam materials

At Interfoam2022 Foam Materials Exhibition, a highly professional booth of 12340 square meters will be exhibited in line with sustainable development concepts such as carbon neutrality/carbon peak and innovative products with foresight to accelerate the development, production and application of foam materials. Upgrading of traditional methods. Starting from high reliability and comprehensive promotion, it provides the application market with innovative and practical solutions that promote carbon emission reduction and higher performance, and deeply meet the diversified practical needs of industry audiences.

The range of exhibits includes:

·Polymer foam materials (polyurethane, polyolefin, silicone rubber), semi-finished products, technical components;

·Metal foam materials (foam aluminum foam iron, etc.), semi-finished products, technical components;

·Other foam materials (foam ceramic foam carbon PETPVCPI melamine resin foam, etc.), semi-finished products, technical components;

·Foaming raw materials;

·Blowing agent (physical blowing agent, chemical blowing agent), auxiliary agent;

·Foaming equipment, cutting equipment, ancillary equipment, testing equipment, etc.;

·Foam material recycling equipment and recycling technology;

·Environmental protection equipment for foaming materials;

·Adhesives, sealants;

·Film, tape;

·Professional associations, scientific research units, media, etc.

Professional audience: covering all vertical applications of foam materials

Finding innovative and efficient solutions has always been the primary goal pursued by the high-end application market of foam materials. Interfoam Foam Materials Exhibition focuses on solving the major needs and pain points of professional audiences, and provides relevant people with an efficient communication and trade platform that broadens their cognition, matches programs, and expands their contacts. The Interfoam 2022 Foam Material Exhibition is expected to attract more than 10,000 visitors with valid real-name registration. There are not only foam material manufacturers, but also application companies from all walks of life, including:

·Foam material production and processing enterprises;

Vertical application enterprises of foaming materials: automotive, rail transit, aerospace, packaging, sports and leisure, furniture, household products, safety protection, medical and health, electronic equipment, building materials, HVAC, electrical appliances, cold chain & logistics, industry , Energy, ships, daily necessities, communication equipment, office equipment, military supplies, and others;

·Professional associations, scientific research units, media, etc.

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