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Inventory the body's favorite furniture size

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When decorating a new home, the material and style of the furniture are often the most concerned part. Many people don’t care about the size of the furniture and the placement of the space.


As large as sofas and beds, as small as pillows and lamps, they all have the best size and placement distance. If you don't consider it well in the early stage, it will cause great inconvenience to people in future life. Therefore, today we will talk about the choice of furniture and the size and size of the problem to help you build a comfortable home.



Front seat width:

If the distance of the sofa from left to right, after removing the armrests on both sides, is less than 48 cm, it will appear narrow: For fabric sofas, the depth of the cushion recess is about 10 cm after the person sits down.


Seat depth:

If the distance between the front and back of the sofa and the backrest is more than 60 cm, the calf will not sag naturally, and the calf will be easily oppressed. If the seat is too small, it will make people unable to sit still.


Seat height:

The best distance from the ground to the seat surface is 36-42 cm. If it is too high, the feet will hang in the air, and the weight of the body will be placed on the legs, which will easily cause leg and back pain; too low will make it difficult to stand up.


Backrest height:

Sitting on a sofa with a backrest height of 80-90 cm, a person’s head can be placed on it comfortably, and it is not easy to suffer from backaches and neck pain.


Placement position:

The sofa is best placed about 50 cm away from the coffee table, the coffee table should be lower than the armrest of the sofa, and the seat should be level. This is not only convenient for taking things, but also for walking around.




If the bed surface is too high or too low from the ground, the legs will not touch the ground normally, and the nerves in the legs will be squeezed after a long time. The mattress should preferably be slightly higher than a person’s knees, 40-50 cm above the ground.


Placement position:

If the bed is too close to the window, it will easily affect sleep when it is windy or rainy. Pollutants are also easy to accumulate on the bed when the window is opened for ventilation. It is best to place the bed 1 meter away from the window.



A pillow that is too high will affect the quality of sleep and hinder blood circulation; if it is too low, it will easily compress the trachea and cause snoring. Generally speaking, when lying on your back, the height of the pillow should be equal to the square of your fist; when lying on your side, the height of the pillow should be as high as your raised fist.

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