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Memory foam pillows and memory foam mattresses also need cleaning and maintenance methods are different

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Memory mattresses are also known as silicone memory mattresses or inert foam memory beds. Memory mattresses use memory foam, or silica gel, inert foam, which can absorb human body pressure. At first, it was aimed at American astronauts who need to absorb the universe during long-distance travel. A space technology product developed with great impact inside the spacecraft. The memory mattress can reflect the user's body temperature changes and record the user's curve, so as to support the whole body on average, release body pressure, and achieve the purpose of restoring sleep.

Pillow cleaning and maintenance:

Use a zippered cotton or polyester pillowcase to protect the pillow.


Pillows should be ventilated and dried on a window or clothesline once a month.


The coat can be washed in warm water at 50 degrees, ironed at medium temperature, and hung to dry. Remember not to chlorine bleach and dry clean.


The pillow core should not be exposed to water, direct sunlight, high temperature above 50℃, and squeeze for a long time. The whole cannot be in contact with oily dirt and corrosive products.



Mattress cleaning and maintenance:

After buying a good mattress, improper use or poor maintenance will affect the life of the mattress. For the health of your family, you must know the correct maintenance method of the mattress:


Avoid excessive deformation of the mattress during transportation, do not bend or fold the mattress, do not directly tie it with ropes; do not place excessive force on the mattress, avoid sitting on the edge of the mattress for a long time or letting children jump on the mattress In order to avoid local pressure and affect elasticity; in addition to the use of sheets, it is best to put on a mattress cover to prevent the mattress from getting dirty and facilitate washing to ensure that the mattress is clean and hygienic; when using, keep the environment ventilated and dry, and avoid mattress Do not expose the mattress to the sun if it is damp.


1. Turn over regularly. During the first year of purchase of a new mattress, the front and back, left and right, or corners of the new mattress should be rotated once every 2 to 3 months to make the filling material in the mattress evenly stressed. Then, it can be turned about once every six months.


2. Keep it clean. Clean the mattress regularly with a vacuum cleaner to keep it clean. If the mattress is stained, you can use toilet paper or cloth to absorb the moisture. Do not wash it with water or detergent. It is best to have the habit of using bed sheets or cleaning pads, and avoid lying in bed after bathing or sweating, let alone smoking in bed.


3. The cover of any mattress of Hanniway can be removed and washed. For the specific washing method, please wash it according to the washing label. The inner core of the mattress can be cooled in a ventilated place to avoid exploding in the sun.


4. Don't jump on the bed, so as to avoid damage to the mattress under a single point of force.


5. The belt-shaped handle on the side of the mattress is only used to move the mattress. It cannot bear the weight of the mattress, so do not use it to lift the mattress.


6. The support frame under the mattress (also called the row frame) has a direct impact on the use effect of the mattress. If the support frame is too soft or too hard, it will affect the support effect of the mattress on the human body. If you feel a sudden sinking of a part of your body during sleep, check whether the skeleton is damaged.

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