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Pillow Tips

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Besides the pillow that had chosen to suit oneself, how pillow also has exquisite.


1. When sleeping, rest your shoulders slightly on the pillow and put the back of your head in the center of the pillow. This will stabilize your sleeping posture, avoid stiff pillows and maintain a normal body curve.


2. If the pillow in the middle is not strong elastic pillow core material, can be appropriate to flatten the middle part of the pillow, the neck pillow pad high, so that the cervical spine is not forward flexion, not side bending, so that the morning up will not cervical pain.


3. If you feel the pillow height is wrong, try to find the most comfortable pillow height by placing a towel under your shoulders (too high) or on your pillow (too low).


4. When you lie on your back, you can put a pillow under your knee to help the mattress support your lumbar spine and hips.When sleeping on your side, place a soft, flat pillow between your legs to help keep your lumbar spine in a straight line.

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