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Space Memory Foam!

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Space memory foam is also called slow rebound cotton, referred to as memory foam. It originated in the 1970s and was developed by HEALTHMAN, a subsidiary of NASA. It is an open cell structure with thermal relief properties. It can also be called a temperature-sensitive decompression material.

Memory foam is a viscoelastic temperature-sensitive memory material, and its uniqueness is mainly due to its unusual cell structure. Unlike ordinary foam that is only partially compressed when subjected to pressure, the cells of memory foam are completely compressed when subjected to external force, and then slowly return to the original shape. , the rebound speed is relatively slow. For example, after the 5cm thick ordinary space cotton is completely squeezed by external force, the rebound time is about 5 seconds. High-grade slow rebound will not deform after more than 5 years of use, but the cutting process or the quality is a little worse, usually only 1--2 years. High-quality memory foam, due to its special structure and good temperature sensing characteristics, when subjected to external force, the cotton body cells are completely compressed and sense the temperature of the pressure object, forming a contact surface that completely fits the pressure object , reduce the pressure point.

The three major characteristics of space cotton are:

1. The space cotton mattress provides ergonomic support without prominent stress points to avoid limb numbness, fatigue and soreness.

2. The automatic shaping ability of the space cotton mattress makes the sleeping posture more natural, which is beneficial to health and avoids spine deformation.

3. Space mind mattress is conducive to blood circulation efficiency and promote deep sleep.

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