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The survey shows that everyone has sub-healthy spine!

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In modern society, with the accelerated pace of life, the popularization of computers, the increase of TV viewers, long-term driving, poor posture, the bed surface is too soft, the pillow is too high, and many other factors have combined effects, leading to the emergence of a new type of sub-health: spondylosis .

The so-called sub-health state usually refers to the absence of clinical symptoms and signs, or the feeling of illness without clinical examination evidence, but there is information on the potential tendency to develop, and it is in a state of low quality and psychological imbalance in which the body structure is degraded and the physiological function is reduced. In short, it is the "grey area" or "pre-disease state" between disease and health.

The early symptoms of subhealthy spine are dizziness, memory loss, back pain, etc. As time accumulates, further clinical symptoms and signs will appear. Only after the clinical test indicators and imaging changes, the true diagnosis of spondylosis is true. It can be said that the sub-health state caused by spinal damage is a prelude to spondylosis.

According to the latest "2015 Spine Health Survey Report" released by Panjia.com, everyone has sub-health of the spine, and the difference lies in more or less! The report also pointed out that 53.38 of the investigators would exercise to maintain spine health, while the remaining 48.12 chose massage or tuina. In the end, only 13.53 said they would seek help from the hospital.

Why is the phenomenon of spine sub-health so not optimistic, but most Chinese are reluctant to choose medical treatment? This has to mention the gap between the Chinese and Western medical systems. In China, the hospital does not subdivide the chiropractic department. There is only a general orthopedics department. The treatment method is also simple, or medication or surgery. The former treats the symptoms but not the root cause, while the latter is suitable for patients with serious illnesses. In Western countries, their medical institutions have established a chiropractic department. If you feel back pain, you can go to the hospital to receive professional chiropractic treatment and correction, which is more targeted for people with subhealthy spine.

Chiropractic is actually similar to Chinese massage. The difference is that in foreign countries, it is a specialized discipline, but in China it is only a collateral branch of Chinese medicine and has not received real attention. The earliest established professional organization for chiropractic treatment in the world is the International Chiropractic Society (ICA). Since its birth in 1926, it has achieved amazing results with rapid development. It is loved by celebrities and is the most worthy of a visit. It is mentioned that the famous American action superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger who has benefited from ICA even became its image spokesperson. At present, ICA members have covered nearly 8,000 doctors, students, researchers, and educational institution experts in more than 50 countries including China and Hong Kong, and the partners involved in all walks of life.

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