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These 3 kinds of pillow, let you sleep more tired, also hurt cervical vertebra!The ones you're using should be replaced

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When some friends in the morning, I often feel whole body fatigue, sore neck, and they may because of the pillow, the pillow is a very important tool to help sleep, if the pillow is wrong, so will have damage to the body, especially on the competition, the three kinds of pillow, let you sleep more and more tired, and cervical spine injury.


1. Too high a pillow -- neck and shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis

A high pillow will make the neck fixed in the forward flexion position, and the neck muscles will suffer chronic muscle strain due to passive pulling, resulting in fatigue and pain of the shoulder, arm and neck.


More serious, will also cause cervical ligament, joint capsule injury, resulting in cervical instability, joint dislocation, cervical spondylosis, etc.


2. Pillows that are too low -- disrupts sleep and makes snoring easier

Too low pillow will make the head too backward, pulling the front neck muscles, causing fatigue, spasm or pain, easy to appear "stiff pillow", and even let the cervical spondylosis further aggravation.

In addition, because of the upward posture, it is also easy to lead to mouth breathing, which is commonly known as snoring, and there will be dry mouth, sore throat and other manifestations after waking up.

For the short neck, obesity, pharyngeal cavity narrow people, head too much backward sleeping position easy to make the neck muscles, skin tension, oppression trachea, affect the normal breathing.

In addition, because of the corresponding increase in blood flow when the head is raised, it may also affect sleep, and the effect is more obvious to patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis.


3. A pillow that is too narrow - prone to stiff pillows

Besides the height of the pillow, the width of the pillow is also important!

When sleeping, people are easy to turn over and other actions, if the pillow is too narrow, it is easy to lead to sleep on the way to the pillow.

Poor pillow sleep can cause all kinds of discomfort, so it's important to find the right pillow for a good night's sleep.

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