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What kind of pillow core can give us high-quality sleep?

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Pillow, as a sleep necessity for most people, its role should not be underestimated. A good pillow can relax the neck muscles

Promote blood circulation and help our sleep quality, but pillow cores of various materials and designs are now available on the market

Dazzling, what kind of pillow?

Can it bring us high-quality sleep?


Generally speaking, a good pillow material should have a certain degree of air permeability and suitable hardness. If it is too soft, it will affect turning over during sleep, making it difficult for people to sleep well, and will also cause the neck to show a state of extension. At the same time, excessive stretching of the neck can cause tension in the throat muscles and aggravate snoring.


Pillow types

Chemical fiber pillow core


The elasticity of the fiber pillow is moderate and can be applied to most people. And the price is relatively popular. The chemical fiber pillow core is very convenient to wash, and it can also be compressed and stored in a vacuum compression bag, and the price is very cheap. The disadvantage is that the chemical fiber pillow core is not very breathable. After a long time, it will become agglomerated and lack elasticity, and the service life is not very long.


Space pillow/memory foam pillow

Zero pressure pillows are also called memory pillows, slow rebound pillows, and space pillows. Its filling material is inert sponge, which is characterized by viscoelasticity and temperature sensitivity. It can sink according to temperature and pressure, but it will not rebound. This feature makes it a good pressure relief material, which can break down the pressure of the human body and provide comfortable and good support for the cervical spine. Therefore, it is generally made into a variety of special shapes, such as a duck tongue that supports the cervical spine and an inverted B-shaped pillow. This kind of pillow is more suitable for people with bad cervical spine.


Latex pillow

With the rise of tourism craze, latex pillows, which are commonly used in Southeast Asian countries, are becoming more and more popular. Latex pillow is made of rubber tree sap. Because it is natural material, it has high elasticity, and has anti-allergic, anti-mite and anti-bacterial effects. At the same time, it can be molded into various shapes to prevent the occurrence of cervical spondylosis. These excellent The characteristics make latex pillows become popular quickly, overnight, it seems that all people are proud of their use of latex pillows.


Down pillow

Most five-star hotels use feather pillows. There are two types of down pillows, duck down pillows and goose down pillows. The price of duck down pillows is cheaper. It is important to pay attention to whether the degreasing treatment of down is clean, otherwise there will be a relatively big fishy smell in the wet season. Between the two, it is recommended to use goose down pillows.

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